We offer Speech therapy services to enhance your child’s speech, language and communication skills via teletherapy.

Free evaluation

First, quick free evaluation and a session will be conducted in order to show the parents how teletherapy sessions take place.

Detailed Evaluation

If the parents are satisfied with how teletherapy sessions take place, we can move forward by conducting a detailed evaluation. This detailed evaluation would help the therapists to understand what are the chid’s needs and help develop a program plan.

Therapy sessions

Once the evaluation and the program plan is designed, parents could purchase a 5 session package. Therapy sessions will be designed to cater to each individual.’s needs.

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As a mom, I felt overwhelmed when my five year old daughter was diagnosed with speech delay and required speech therapy twice a week. Driving her to appointments while trying to juggle dinner and homework was impossibe. Teletherapy allowed my daughter to meet a therapist at our own home, with a flexible schedule.”

Fathima F