Live, Online Speech Therapy

Our professionals deliver services via web-based, interactive video to any location equipped with a computer, high-speed internet, webcam, and microphone.

Our online SLPs do the same job as onsite therapists: they administer assessments and write evaluations, prepare goals, track and report on student progress, schedule students, and communicate with parents. The length, content, and frequency of online therapy sessions are individualized in accordance with each student’s plan, and are delivered one-on-one in any setting the child is comfortable in.

By working together with parents, we help enhance the child’s speech, language and communication skills and through parent coaching, we hope to support their little ones with an enriched environment.


Professional services

We offer speech therapy services for children and young adults with speech delays and articulation disorders. We hope to enhance your child’s speech, language and communication skills via teletherapy.

Dedicated care

Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing our clients with the individualized care they deserve to help them enhance their speech, Language and communication skills. our services are catered to their unique needs